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March 2019 Archives

Key facts about an automatic stay

Bankruptcy is a tool that can assist various individuals in certain financial strains. While it was once looked down upon by many, filing for bankruptcy is becoming more acceptable amongst various groups of people.

Rebuilding credit should be a focal point after bankruptcy

When people hear the word "bankruptcy," they often associate it with negative consequences. However, for many people, filing for bankruptcy can be the beginning of a fresh start and an opportunity to redevelop their financial foundation to prepare for a successful future. After the dust has settled and a person's bankruptcy is filed in Tennessee, their focal point should be on rebuilding their credit. 

What is the meeting of creditors?

Once you start your Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tennessee, you will learn a lot of new terms and vocabulary. Many of the processes will have legal terms or bankruptcy-specific language, and it is important that you understand what these things mean. One such phrase you will hear is the meeting of the creditors, which may also be called a 341 hearing, according to Bankrate.

More ways to finance a new business after bankruptcy

As previously discussed, there are ways for a Tennessee business owner to create a new business after going through bankruptcy, including starting a small business that does not require a lot of capital, or by seeking alternative means of financing. Even so, going bankrupt does not shut the door on going to traditional lenders to seek loans for your new business. There are some possibilities that a bank or a credit union might look past your bankruptcy and provide you with some financing.

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