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December 2018 Archives

Are you eligible for bankruptcy?

You might not think about bankruptcy as something you have to qualify for, but that is how it works in most cases. At Jimmy E. McElroy & Associates, we find that most people in Tennessee simply are not prepared for how exclusive the process is, especially when it comes to Chapter 7.

Tips for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy

In the wake of a Tennessee bankruptcy filing, chances are, you are working hard to get your finances straightened out so that you can get the fresh start you desire. While filing for bankruptcy is often the first step in the process of rebuilding your financial situation, there are also steps you will need to take after your bankruptcy filing if you wish to get your affairs back in order. At McElroy & Associates, we recognize the critical nature of rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy, and we have helped many clients facing similar circumstances accomplish this and related objectives after a bankruptcy filing.

What should I know about chapter 7?

When you realize that your finances have spiraled out of control, you may consider filing for bankruptcy in Tennessee. There are many different types of bankruptcy and as you begin looking into your options, it is important to understand the basic information so you know which kind will be best for your specific situation. You may want to start your search by learning about chapter 7.

Business loans and personal bankruptcy

Many aspiring or current entrepreneurs in Tennessee worry about the effects that bankruptcy may have on their ability to secure financing for their projects. However, there is more myth than fact to many of the ideas surrounding the relationship between debt restructuring and business loans.

3 reasons not to trust debt relief companies

When your debts keep piling up and you see no way out, you may turn to any source that promises to relieve you of this burdening situation. Advertisements from debt relief companies may become more enticing, as they guarantee you an easy escape through consolidation or settlement for a nominal fee.

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