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July 2019 Archives

How to recognize debt settlement scams

When your finances start to spiral out of control, it can leave you feeling desperate. Some for-profit companies may prey on that desperation in an attempt to get you to sign on and utilize their services. Unfortunately, though, many debt settlement companies operate in an unethical manner, and they may be more about building their profits than helping you dig your way out of debt.

Are women vulnerable to financial troubles after a divorce?

Getting a divorce is difficult enough without experiencing money problems on top of it. Unfortunately for many residents of Tennessee and elsewhere, financial peril is common after a divorce. As you may already know, this can be especially true for women.

How will bankruptcy affect your credit score?

If you are one of the many people in Tennessee who are struggling to keep up with overwhelming debt payments, you likely have begun thinking about filing bankruptcy so as to get most of your debts discharged and consequently give yourself a fresh financial start. While bankruptcy can certainly accomplish these goals, you likely also worry about how it will impact your credit score and credit report.

Should I feel ashamed for filing for bankruptcy?

You may have been putting off speaking to someone about filing for bankruptcy, despite dealing with extremely high financial stress. If so, you are like many other Tennessee residents who are being held back by a pervasive stigma of personal bankruptcy. It may put some of your worries to rest learning that this stigma is largely unnecessary. When a business files for bankruptcy, people see it as a way for the company to restructure its debts and come up with a more effective business plan. Why should it not be the same for individuals?

Will you become the next gray bankruptcy statistic?

If you are a Tennessee senior facing serious financial difficulties, you are not alone. If you have begun to think about bankruptcy as your only real option, again, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of a new nationwide phenomenon: gray bankruptcy.

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