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June 2019 Archives

The pros and cons of Chapter 13 bankruptcy

In Tennessee, residents have several different options when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. One popular option is Chapter 13. With all bankruptcy options, there are unique benefits and potential drawbacks. Today, we will take a look at some of both for this specific type.

What can bankruptcy’s automatic stay protect you against?

As a Tennessee resident who is getting hounded by creditors or debt collectors, you may be feeling as if you are at your wit’s end. Receiving seemingly constant communications from creditors can prove anxiety-inducing at best, and you may be wondering whether bankruptcy’s “automatic stay” could potentially grant you some temporary relief.

What to know about a Chapter 7 meeting of creditors

For many people, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the only way to get their finances back in order. What many people fail to realize before filing is that the oncoming proceedings are a lot more complicated than they expect. For example, many fail to realize there is a meeting of creditors they must attend. 

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