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January 2019 Archives

Getting the facts on adversary proceedings

Many Tennessee residents who file for bankruptcy hope that their case proceeds without any problems or detours. However, complications can result in the bankruptcy process. Perhaps a creditor does not approve of the court discharging a debt in your Chapter 7 case, or you may have an issue with a creditor. In such scenarios, an adversary proceeding may be filed.

What is an automatic stay?

For many people, bankruptcy is a way to regain control of their finances. A crucial part of this involves the automatic stay. This is an initial injunction that stops creditors from taking further action against you while a court determines whether your case qualifies you for bankruptcy. The biggest benefit of an automatic stay is that creditors stop contacting you about paying back your debt. That means no more phone calls at all hours of the day, which brings a tremendous amount of relief. 

You can create a new business after bankruptcy

The major fear of many business owners in Tennessee is that after going bankrupt they may not be able to create a new business any time soon, if ever. However, this is not the case at all. It is true that having bankruptcy on your record is going to make it harder to raise money for a new business and that lenders may hesitate to loan you capital. Still, with the right moves, you can get yourself back in the business game sooner than you may think.

Is crowdfunding the answer to your debt problems?

Some people, though drowning in debt, are afraid of the stigma of bankruptcy and will turn to other means to help raise money to pay their bills. They may turn to crowdfunding as a solution. While using crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe to raise money might seem like a simple way to alleviate financial problems and let you get back on your feet, Tennessee residents should be aware that crowdfunding is not a guaranteed way to pull out of financial straits and might even cost you more out of your own pocket.

Credit counseling required before filing for bankruptcy

As a Tennessee resident looking to give yourself a clean financial slate through filing for bankruptcy, you may be studying up on the process, and some of the information about what bankruptcy can do and what it entails may surprise you. You may, for example, not have realized that you will need to undergo credit counseling before you can move forward with your bankruptcy filing, and you may have questions about how to do so. At McElroy & Associates, we recognize that all bankruptcy filers must complete credit counseling before they can discharge any debts, and we have helped many people facing similar circumstances get their ducks in a row ahead of filing.

Why are old bankruptcy documents important?

When your bankruptcy is done, you are eager to move on. Many people never want to even look at their old bankruptcy paperwork. Even so, you should still preserve your bankruptcy documents and keep them in a safe location. There may be some occasions when you need to access your old bankruptcy paperwork. In fact, your documents may even help you with your financial future in Tennessee.

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