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Bankruptcy, debt and mental stress

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | blog, Consumer bankruptcy |

Dealing with mounting debt could leave Tennessee consumers struggling to survive financially. Although some may approach things somberly, others may start to suffer from anxiety and depression. Such psychological stress seems understandable, as many never expected to struggle so severely that their only recourse involved heading to a federal bankruptcy court.

Mental health and filing for bankruptcy

Anyone who suffers from debt-related problems might feel they made mistakes and become ashamed of their financial situation. Such an attitude could be a little harsh, though. While some people amass debt from unnecessary spending, a great many debtors enter their plight due to job losses, medical bills and other unavoidable scenarios. Yet, they may still blame themselves and carry stress-inducing shame.

Anyone dealing with anxiety and stress might find it difficult to concentrate on the issues causing the troubles. As a result, the debtor might not take effective steps to deal with the situation.

And there are worse problems someone suffering from financial stress may suffer. High blood pressure and heart-related problems could arise, creating dangerous risks to the person’s health.

Taking steps to reverse the problems

Taking care of one’s health may be the top priority to pursue. Visiting a primary care physician and getting a comprehensive checkup could uncover problems requiring attention. A doctor might prescribe a treatment plan that might reduce the chances of a heart attack or other health threat.

Visiting a psychologist or another mental health professional may assist with learning how to cope with stress. A looming bankruptcy filing might add more pressure to someone’s life, and a mental health professional could help someone work out their problems before, during and after going to court.

Filing for Chapter 7 of Chapter 13 could provide solutions to those struggling financially. Bankruptcy may provide a fresh start and a new life free of some previous debt.