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On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy |

At Jimmy E. McElroy & Associates, we are proud of the work we do — and we like to think of it as more than just helping people file for bankruptcy. Just like our clients, we are members of the community we serve. Our primary goal is to help our Tennessee neighbors who might have overextended their finances to get back on their feet and back to pursuing their dreams.

Many of our clients come into our offices for the first time with the idea that they are taking a last-resort option. While we realize that bankruptcy is nobody’s first choice, we also know that it is nothing for you to feel bad about. In fact, if you were to have financial trouble and qualify for chapter 7 or chapter 13, we would probably recommend that you take the opportunity to have a small celebration.

We are a debt relief agency, and that is exactly what bankruptcy could represent: relief. If you were facing a choice to file, you might be tempted to focus on what seem to be negative aspects, such as the effect the process could have on your credit score. We often tell our clients that legal debt reorganization and forgiveness would, in all likelihood, give them a chance to rebuild their credit that they would not have if they continued trying to pay off an unmanageable sum.

If we have helped a client take a step towards financial freedom at the end of each day, we consider that a job well done. Bankruptcy often creates healthier finances for our clients and, in turn, better economies in our community — everybody wins. Please read more on our legal page.