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How can you handle overwhelming credit card debt?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | blog |

Tennessee consumers who have massive credit card debt might not know where to turn. There are steps you can take to alleviate this burden.

Make more than the minimum payment

Making more than the minimum payment can help when you have sizable credit card debt. If you can’t pay off your balance in full, pay at least a bit extra. For example, if you $25 extra per month, it can cut the debt you owe faster.

Avoid using your card for daily expenses

Avoid using your credit cards except in emergency situations. Use your debit card or cash instead to avoid accruing credit card debt.

Snowball- or avalanche-pay your debt

Snowballing your debt relates to going through all your debts and paying off the smallest first. Doing this can help you to alleviate your total debt, making it easier to work your way up. The opposite method, avalanching, involves paying off the biggest debts first and then working your way down. Either option can lessen your burden.

Cut out unnecessary purchases

Eliminating anything unnecessary from your spending can help when you’re in debt. You might want to cook in instead of ordering out. Cut the cord on cable if you haven’t already done so and use streaming subscriptions instead. Make coffee at home instead of ordering it from your favorite shop.

Work with your creditors

Contact your creditors and try to negotiate lower payments toward the debt you owe them. They might be willing to reduce your debt by eliminating the interest you owe simply because they want to be paid. A hardship program might be extended to you if you have a good history with the issuer.

File bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can help when you’re struggling with debt. Chapter 7 eliminates unsecured debt while Chapter 13 helps reorganize debt so that it’s easier to pay them off over a period of time.

Debt can be made easier using these tips.