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On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy |

It is important to think of debt as a set of manageable challenges rather than a single major problem to solve. At the office of Jimmy E. McElroy and associates, we have seen again and again the power that a positive perspective has on repaying or resolving debts.

If you would like some help focusing on the positive, there is actually quite a bit of good news available in the debt-relief world. For example, the large majority of people who qualify for and apply for Chapter 7 bankruptcy have their debts forgiven.

One concern you might have when you are managing a large amount of debt is the effect that the various solutions could have on your credit score. You might be focusing on large credit card bills while ignoring some of the smaller ones. According to, taking care of lower balances could give you a boost of confidence that propels you through the process. On a similar note, taking some of the first steps toward getting debt forgiveness could give you the sense of accomplishment you need to follow through with your financial plan.

There are probably going to be significant consequences regardless of which option you choose. People will rightly tell you that there is no silver bullet and no quick fix to manage a large amount of debt — but there is another side of that statement, too. Through persistence, organization and strategy, you could have a good chance of overcoming all of the little challenges that will add up to you attaining the best possible financial future. For more information about what bankruptcy can do, please continue on to our main website.