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Are You Struggling To Pay Child Support?

If you were ordered to pay child support and are considering filing bankruptcy, you may want to know how it would affect your child support obligations. Though support payments generally cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, there are several ways that filing bankruptcy can help your financial and personal life in relation to a child support order.

If you are a parent who owes child support, bankruptcy may be a viable way for you to keep up with your payments, especially if you are wallowing in other debts. By filing for bankruptcy, you may relieve yourself of those debts (if you fit the criteria and file for Chapter 7) or lower those debts (if you file for Chapter 13 which requires you to repay some or all of your debt), freeing your income to pay your child support.

How Bankruptcy Affects Child Support Delinquency

Failure to pay child support often means that your driver’s license is taken away. Once our attorneys help you file bankruptcy, we can work with the child support enforcement lawyer to reinstate your license.

Bankruptcy can also help you if you have a warrant out for your arrest because of child support delinquency. Upon filing, we can work to have the warrant removed in some cases.

Child Support And Chapter 13

Though bankruptcy will not allow you to modify your existing child support payment amount, it will be included in your Chapter 13 repayment plan, making it more affordable for you to pay.

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