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What can bankruptcy’s automatic stay protect you against?

As a Tennessee resident who is getting hounded by creditors or debt collectors, you may be feeling as if you are at your wit’s end. Receiving seemingly constant communications from creditors can prove anxiety-inducing at best, and you may be wondering whether bankruptcy’s “automatic stay” could potentially grant you some temporary relief.

Stop phone harassment from credit card companies

Circumstances beyond your control may have forced you into financial difficulty. Believing the circumstances to be temporary, you may have used credit cards to pay your bills, becoming saddled with intractable debt in the process. At Jimmy E. McElroy & Associates, we understand that many people in Tennessee prefer to explore options other than bankruptcy, choosing to file only as a last resort. To that end, you may have negotiated a repayment plan with your credit card company. Once you and the card issuer reached an agreement, you might have reasonably assumed that that would be the end of the harassing phone calls. 

Does filing for bankruptcy provide any benefits?

Financial stress may have you feeling hopeless about the future and your ability to live debt-free, but fortunately, there are options to help you regain control of your situation. Bankruptcy often gets a bad rap from many people in Tennessee, but the reality is that while it does affect your credit and other aspects of your financial reputation, it can also provide a fresh start as you implement changes to have more control over your finances. 

Is it really impossible to get rid of student loans?

If you are currently thinking about filing for bankruptcy in Tennessee, you were probably disappointed to hear that you were still liable for student loans. However, according to Forbes, this is not always the case. Forbes is clear that a discharge of student loans during bankruptcy filings is rare, but it is nonetheless a possible outcome.

Rebuilding credit should be a focal point after bankruptcy

When people hear the word "bankruptcy," they often associate it with negative consequences. However, for many people, filing for bankruptcy can be the beginning of a fresh start and an opportunity to redevelop their financial foundation to prepare for a successful future. After the dust has settled and a person's bankruptcy is filed in Tennessee, their focal point should be on rebuilding their credit. 

More ways to finance a new business after bankruptcy

As previously discussed, there are ways for a Tennessee business owner to create a new business after going through bankruptcy, including starting a small business that does not require a lot of capital, or by seeking alternative means of financing. Even so, going bankrupt does not shut the door on going to traditional lenders to seek loans for your new business. There are some possibilities that a bank or a credit union might look past your bankruptcy and provide you with some financing.

Will bankruptcy help or hurt my future credit options?

If you are one of the many people in Tennessee who faces high levels of debt that you do not know how you will ever repay, the thought of filing for bankruptcy may well have crossed your mind. Before making the choice to pursue a bankruptcy, it is wise for you to understand what and bankruptcy may or may not be able to do for your financial future.

You can create a new business after bankruptcy

The major fear of many business owners in Tennessee is that after going bankrupt they may not be able to create a new business any time soon, if ever. However, this is not the case at all. It is true that having bankruptcy on your record is going to make it harder to raise money for a new business and that lenders may hesitate to loan you capital. Still, with the right moves, you can get yourself back in the business game sooner than you may think.

Why are old bankruptcy documents important?

When your bankruptcy is done, you are eager to move on. Many people never want to even look at their old bankruptcy paperwork. Even so, you should still preserve your bankruptcy documents and keep them in a safe location. There may be some occasions when you need to access your old bankruptcy paperwork. In fact, your documents may even help you with your financial future in Tennessee.

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